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Discovery Running starts Castle Pines Run Club

Discovery Running is now offering "Castle Pines Run Club" in Castle Pines, Colorado.  

Castle Pines Run Club has been established to create runner camaraderie and to foster health and wellness in our community.  I am a native to Castle Pines since 1985 and am very passionate about this area.  It seems like every day driving around our City, I see runners out and about all over the place, and thought it would be so great to bring these runners together. Castle Pines Run Club is strictly social and fun, and will have opportunities for runners to challenge themselves, and to learn more about running.  Members are certainly welcome to inquire with Discovery Running regarding coaching programs if they have specific race goals they want to accomplish. Members will also be encouraged to participate in Castle Pines’ Run Wild event in August, and there will be more info to come on that. If you are interested in being a part of Castle Pines Run Club, please submit contact information in order to be added to the list.  

Happy Running!!


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