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Client Corners!! Featuring Solise Anderson

Discovery Running will now be sharing  "CLIENT CORNERS" - This gives us an opporutnity to share about the amazing runners that join our programs and desire to expand their love and goals in running and in health.  Whether beginner or seasoned, everyone has their own story and reason for being on this path. Client Corners will allow us to share their path, successes and self-discovery with you!  


Our First Feature Runner is Solise Anderson!  


Discovery Running would like to welcome Solise Anderson to our Running in Health Program!  SolisA11.jpg(Md:263x350)


Solise joins us from the Castle Pines Run Club where she has been a consistent member and has also been a regular runner for several years.  Having just moved to Colorado from her home state of New Mexico, Solise has new-found inspiration in health and running and has set a goal to run a 25k distance race this spring!! Together we will be focusing on a specific training program in addition to nutrition modifications that will help her reach her goal and maintain a healthy lifestyle! Solise is a highly motivated woman who always has a smile on her face and is a pleasure to be around. I am excited to be with Solise on her journey!



We started with a steady 6 miler on the east/west trail and will continue with adventures to other beautiful trails around town providing endless exposure to challenging and beautiful terrain that our Colorful Colorado has to offer!  Thanks for being a part of Disovery Running Solise!  I can't wait to see what you discover along the way!

 - Liberty

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